Upholstered Furniture

upholstered furniture couchWhen you invest in upholstered furniture, you expect it to last a number of years. A delicate balance exists between how today’s textiles are cleaned, and the lifestyle and environmental concerns of today’s homeowner.

Understanding the complexity of the fabrics used on upholstered furniture helps us to determine the proper cleaning method for each piece. Our technicians receive detailed training on textiles and the methods used to correctly clean them.  Improper cleaning methods can damage the fibers and void warrantees. 

We offer a variety of exclusive products and levels of service that can protect your family from indoor pollutants.

  • We care about your satisfaction and your peace of mind.
  • Our background-checked, professional upholstery cleaning technicians are trained and certified to work with all fiber types and cleaning methods.
  • We only use detergents and solutions that are proven safe for your family and pets.

It is our goal to use the best solutions to maintain your upholstered furniture, based on the fabrics, furniture construction, and your lifestyle. You can trust our experienced upholstery cleaning experts. 

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