Area Rug Cleaning Service Levels

Three area rug cleaning service levels are available including our Premium/Platinum service, Popular Gold service, and Basic Silver Service. Compare below.

To learn more about any of the additional services and treatments below visit our Special Treatments page.

Take it a step further with our Premium/Platinum service which includes all Basic and Popular services, plus

Chemical-Free Detergent

Benefect® Botanical Disinfectant

Moth Repellent

Microban® Sanitizing Detergent

If you want just a little more protection, our Popular/Gold service includes all Basic/Silver cleaning services, plus

Teflon® Carpet Protector

Every rug is treated special with our Basic/Silver service.

Pre-Wash Inspection

Thorough Rug Dusting


Professional Spot Cleaning


Rug Scrubbing & Rinsing

Cold Water Rinse & Wringing

Humidity Controlled Drying

Pile Lifting & Grooming

Kraft Paper Wrapping