Rug Cleaning Plant

1. Inspection

2. Dusting

3. Washing

4. Rinsing 

5. Wringing

6. Drying Room

Oriental, Persian, and area rugs, whether constructed of wool, cotton, and/or silk, should be professionally cleaned every 1-3 years, depending upon how much traffic they receive. When fibers become soiled, premature wear, allergies, and insect infestation may occur.  With daily traffic, impacted soils act like sandpaper grinding into these delicate fibers. Thorough professional rug washing is the proper way to restore richness of color and softness of fibers. We offer a variety of exclusive products and levels of service to help preserve your investment.

Our 6-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Horrigan Cleaners, Inc. possesses the most well-equipped, state-of-the-art rug cleaning plant in New England. Your rugs are thoroughly and professionally cleaned using the following 6-step process:


Prior to cleaning, our trained technicians carefully inspect your rugs for staining, evidence of insect damage, and wear.


Hundreds of soft leather belts gently slap the back of the rug loosening impacted soil.  Seventy-nine percent of the dirt in a rug is dry particle soil and can be removed with this process.


While this is a centuries-old process, we add a twist of modern-day technology. Our knowledge, cold water, and very specific detergents wash away impurities. 


After a good scrubbing, we thoroughly rinse, to remove the dirt and detergents.


Following the rinse, rugs are fed through a wringer. The wringer rinses your rug a second time to remove any remaining detergents. Then excess water is wrung out prior to moving on to the Drying Room.


Finally, this specially designed room quickly and effectively dries rugs by controlling heat and humidity. Proper drying is critical to preventing color migration and shrinkage.

You can drop off your rugs at our rug cleaning plant at 100 Pearson Boulevard, Gardner, Massachusetts, or schedule pick-up & delivery (additional charge applies). Click Here or call 978.632.4200.

Fringe Cleaning

3 Levels of Service

Sometimes the desired results cannot be achieved through the cleaning process alone. That’s why we offer a variety of premium options and specialty services. We have three levels of rug cleaning service. To learn more about our Platinum, Gold, and Silver service levels, Click Here.

Rug repair

Repair & Restoration

Repair & restoration of rugs is an art form. Proper care requires thorough knowledge of rugs and a respect for the craft. Our craftsmen offer many different types of restoration and will help guide you through the decision process. We will never disrespect the art of rug-making with an inappropriate repair.

Whether your rug is hand or machine woven, a museum quality textile or a yard sale find, we offer a wide range of repair and restoration services including custom hand-woven fringe, pre-fabricated cotton or wool fringe, reduction and overcasting of ends, chain stitching ends, wrapping sides, decorative weft patterns, re-piling, reweaving, binding, serving, patching, painting, hooking, dye stripping, complete antique restorations, and braided rug repair.

Rug pad

Rug Pads

Padding plays an important role in the longevity and performance of your rug. A quality pad can double the life of your rug.  Many types of pad are available to suit different applications.  We can help you choose a pad that best meets suits your rug and lifestyle.

We recommend that you avoid padding that is rubber or PVC based. Both of these elements can adhere to wood floors treated with certain types of urethanes. An appropriate pad will:

  • provide a safe surface for you to walk over
  • prevent uneven or premature wear
  • prevent slipping, buckling, and curling
  • allow support for heavy furniture
  • resist bonding to the underlayment
  • allow for easy and efficient vacuuming

Specific pads are designed for

  • non-skid properties
  • washable for instances of pet accidents
  • perforated to allow for radiant heat installations
  • surface coated to prevent spills from traveling through both the rug and the the pad
  • installations over existing wall-to-wall carpeting
  • installations over tile flooring